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Our Principles of Care

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Our Principles of Care

The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) embraces the principles of Psychosocial Rehabilitation. Here we explain what that means for the way we deliver our programs and services.

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  • Recovery is the ultimate goal. Interventions must facilitate that process.
  • We help people to re-establish normal roles and get back into community life.
  • We encourage and support people to get involved in normal community activities, such as school and work, throughout the rehabilitation process.
  • We work to make our services coordinated, accessible, and available as long as needed.
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  • We help people to develop personal support networks.
  • We help to enhance quality of life.
  • We build on the strengths of each person.
  • The involvement and partnership of both the person receiving services and their family members is pursued when possible.
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  • We believe that all people have the capacity to learn and grow.
  • People who get services from us have the right to direct their own affairs. That includes matters related to their mental illness.
  • We constantly strive to improve the services we provide.
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  • We treat all people with respect and dignity.
  • We are always working to get rid of labeling and discrimination of all kinds. We have a special focus on fighting discrimination based on a disability such as mental illness.
  • A person’s culture and background play an important role in recovery. They can be a source of strength and enrichment for both the person and the services we offer.
  • We design our services to address the unique needs of each person, their culture, and their values.
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