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Paws in Motion

We are so excited to announce the Paws in Motion Team! Knowing the positive influence that animals have on our mental health and the smiles that they bring to our faces, we have assembled a group of ‘pawfect’ influencers that are encouraging you to get active with your pets, all while raising critically needed funds for youth mental health services and supports. After checking out their profiles below, try out our dog walking BINGO challenge. We have also included signs below that you can print out to use for photos and share on social. Please post photos of you and your pets in motion by tagging us on social media @CMHAYork and including #CMHAinMotion. 

As an additional bonus, anyone who makes a donation to the Paws in Motion Team page or any of the fundraising pages of the dogfluencers you see below, will instantly be entered to win an amazing prize pack filled with items you and your pet will love. 

Donate to the Paws in Motion Team to help fund critically needed supports and services for youth mental health

Gimli Profile


Hi! My name is Gimli and I’m a 7 month old Rough Collie. My mom just moved me to Toronto (where she grew up) after living in Winnipeg for 2 years. In my spare time I enjoy going for walks, hanging out with other dogs and of course  playing soccer. 


We’re both excited to be part of the Paws in Motion team to help raise money for youth mental health services and programs. It’s a topic close to my mom’s heart and we’re so glad to be given the chance to be part of this amazing family! 


Barkley Profile

Hi! My name is Barkley and I’m a retired service dog. My mom works at CMHA York Region and South Simcoe and thought it would be so great if we could all put our paws together to help raise money for youth mental health programs and supports. I am extremely kind, love to yawn and love a good scratch behind the ears!

Bobby Profile

Hi! My name is Bobby! I am a male Shetland sheepdog, or sheltie for short! I am 4 years old and I was born in Vienna, Austria! Before coming to Canada in July, my human and I travelled all around Europe together! I’ve been to over 9 counties and marked my territory in all of them? My favorite game to play is soccer and I love liver treats.

I will do ANYTHING for a treat.

Some of my tricks are:
1) bang bang – play dead
2) wave
3) high five

I am so happy to be a part of the Paws in Motion team!


Earl Profile

Hi friends! My name is Earl. I’m a puggy boy and I am almost seven years old. Ever since I was a puppy, my hoomans have been telling me I am a “global citizen.” I was born far, far away in a country called Poland. I spent puppyhood there and had a blast, exploring the world around me and making new friends. But, as my first birthday approached, I had to get ready for the move of a lifetime! In October of 2015, I hopped onto a plane to Germany… and then onto another plane that would take me across the ocean and would eventually land in Toronto, my new home. It’s hard to sum up my life since the Big Move but, as you can imagine, a ton has happened. It wasn’t long before I met my puggy girlfriend Charlotte and it was love at first sight. She eventually got a younger puggy brother, Simon, who turned out to be my pawtner in crime, my best friend. Over the years, I’ve made a bunch of puppy friends – big and small… just as I’ve made a bunch of hooman friends – also big and small! Together with my awesome hoomans, they have helped me overcome a great deal of obstacles over the years. During my first winter in Canada, I slipped and fell on the ice and hurt my back. Recovery took years and my back and hind legs still don’t work as well as they should. I also lost most of my vision (though we are fighting hard to keep the tiny bit that I have left). Trying to stay healthy takes a lot of work, a lot of patience, and can be tough. Adapting to change can be extremely difficult, and so is having to learn things all over again. But I try to stay positive and I keep going. I’m proud to say I keep exceeding everybody’s expectations! Over the past couple of months, I’ve even discovered I’m a pretty clever guy! I hold the Experts Masters Title in Tricks– not too bad for an almost blind puggy boy with lazy legs! Some things haven’t changed though – I love, love, love cuddles and snuggles (especially with my mama!), I love getting people to smile and laugh, I love playing with my friends, I love going on adventures and meeting new friends. Most of the time, you’ll see me smiling… I am simply a happy puggy boy. It means the world to have amazing family and friends. They can help you get past anything and everything, they can show you just how strong you really are – even when you don’t feel so strong. Just remember, friends, whether you’re feeling happy or sad or something in between, you’ll always have a friend in me.


Ms. Marvel Profile

HI! My names Ms. Marvel! I am 1.5 years old living my best life with my moms, in Newmarket! I LOVE to grumble when I hold my babies (stuffed animals)! My moms say I am the goofiest Leonberger! I love to swim, I am like a water Buffalo in the water! My favourite food is cheese!!! But let’s be honest.. I love all the snacks!!

Zeke Profile


Hi! I’m Zeke! I am so excited to be a part of the Paws in Motion team! I am almost nine months old, and full of energy! I love to go on fun adventures with my humans – my favourite spot is the beach because I can dig in the sand and swim in the water! I am a social butterfly, and love meeting new friends – especially ones that give me yummy treats!


Fernie Profile

Hi my name is Fernie and I’m a golden mountain dog (golden retriever and Bernese mountain dog). I was originally born in Vancouver, but recently moved to Ontario. Although I am epileptic, that does not stop me from exuding my full puppy energy everyday! I am just over a year old and never stop moving, jumping on counters, chewing everything that I’m not supposed to, but most importantly I love to cuddle. My constant need for affection, morning, afternoon and evening keeps a smile on my human’s faces.

Zuma Profile

Hi! My name is Zuma! I’m a chocolate lab puppy! I am so excited to be a part of the Paws in Motion Team to help raise money for youth mental health services and programs! Very happy I’m joining such a wonderful team to support an amazing fundraiser! In my spare time I love to play fetch, get yummy treats from mom and most importantly, nap!


Luna and Buddha Profile

Hi, my name is Luna and I’m a 7 year old Bernese Mountain/ German Shepherd mix. Although initially I am shy with strangers, once I get comfortable with you I won’t leave you alone! I love to get dirty and have quite the spunk. My favourite activity is swimming!! Despite the fact that I can be rough around the edges, I’m also a giant snuggly teddy bear. I am very in-tuned to my human’s needs and understand all her emotions.

Hi I’m Buddha and I’m going to be 3 soon. I am a purebred Great Dane and a big goof ball that makes my human laugh every single day. I love to go on adventures and explore, but am also an amateur dog diver! I love showing off my toys, especially my stuffies and love to sleep. I like to get people’s attention and make everyone smile.

Grizabella and Chloe Profile


Hi! I’m Chloe and I’m an 8-month old Sheltie and therapy  in training. My dream is to one day go to work with my Mom and provide all the best cuddles to Mom’s clients.  But first, I need to conquer my own anxiety.  As a puppy with reactivity, I often find the world overwhelming, however with support from my pawrents, a lot of compassion, communication and treats, I’m learning to take on the world one paw at a time! My favourite training treat is cheese strings! When I’m not in training, I like to snuggle, take long-walks on the trails, and end each day with a Kong full of pumpkin and peanut butter.

Hi I’m Grizabella (or Griz for short)! I’m 10 years old and was adopted by my pawrents in 2013 after a tough start in life. As a result of my early experiences, I can get nervous and over-groom my fur. This means that I frequently wear a protective cone or a thunder-vest to keep me calm. Both of these are awesome tools that help me get back to my favourite activity  – cuddling!  I am the most cuddly cat in the whole GTA. If there is an opportunity to cuddle, I’ll be the first to arrive on the scene. When I’m not curled up with my pawrents, I can be found chasing long pieces of string, hiding in cardboard boxes, or sneaking bites of her favourite foods: cheese and popcorn!

Archie Profile

Archie is a service dog for his mom, Eden. He loves to dock dive, go on hikes, and train with his other service dog pals from K9LifeLines. Archie is super excited to be joining the CMHA ambassador team, and hopes to raise loads of money to better the lives of those with psychiatric disabilites; like his mom.


Paws in Motion BINGO- Access the printable version HERE


Instructions for BINGO

Paws in Motion Signs- Click on the images below to access the printable version


The thing I love most about walking my dog is



Donate to the Paws in Motion Team to help fund critically needed supports and services for youth mental health


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