Clinical Therapy

There’s no simple solution to facing mental health, and that means that therapies can come in many forms. The Clinical Therapy Program helps people with serious mental illness to be more successful in day-to-day living by utilizing different forms of therapy to help clients explore the relationship between thoughts, feelings and actions and with the support of our team of Clinical Therapists, we develop and practice coping skills that help individuals gain control over unhelpful thinking patterns and avoidance behaviours.

To register for groups, you must be a Clinical Therapy client. To become a Clinical Therapy client, please contact Central Intake at 1-866-345-0183 x 3321 or email for more information.

Here are a few examples of what Clinical Therapy Groups may include:

  • mindfulness
  • CBT
  • Art Therapy
  • Emotion regulation
  • Forgiveness & Acceptance

If you have any questions or would like to refer a family member, friend, or yourself please do not hesitate to call our Central Intake Team at:

How do I join?

Tell us about yourself.

Or please call Central Intake at 1-866-345-0183, ext. 3321