Community Connections

About Us

We know that not every step on the road to recovery will be an easy one. Whether you want to be more active, get involved in your community or build a stronger social network; Community-Connections can support you in achieving your goals. If you want it to, recovery can offer an opportunity for a renewed realization of self. CMHA is here to help.

Community Connections is a recovery-oriented program organized to help individuals 16 years or older improve mental health and overall wellness. We’ll support you in developing skills and strengths, as well as connectedness with yourself, others and your environment. You’ll learn to accept your limitations, and also how to discover a new world of possibility by realizing your hopes, goals and aspirations.

What groups/services do we offer?

Drop-In – Staff and volunteer-led drop-in programs give members an opportunity to informally connect with others in a safe and supportive environment.

Groups – We have lots of different groups for members to drop in and enjoy at all of our locations. There is a list below that demonstrates the variety of groups we offer but we ask that you please check our most recent calendar for full details of days, times and group descriptions.

How do I join?

Tell us about yourself.

Or please call Central Intake at 1-866-345-0183, ext. 3321

Who are we?

We are Occupational Therapists, Peer Support Workers and Volunteers working hard to see you succeed in your recovery.

And more!
Some groups are listed as closed groups – 8-10 week, in-depth groups that build on previously shared material. Please find the “Introduction to…” session of this group on our calendar to join new sessions.

The community connections team