Community Transitions Team

(from hospital to home)

The truth is sometimes people who experience mental illness and addictions end up in hospitals.

And sometimes leaving the hospital can be as hard as being in the hospital. The Community Transitions Team is here to help you make that transition. We support people who are being discharged from hospital to connect with the supports they need to stay safely in the community.

We also assist people to stay out of hospital.

Working with our community partners, we help clients to:

  • Transition to the community after being discharged
  • Access immediate support to prevent a visit to the emergency department
  • Develop a wellness plan
  • Find housing
  • Get support for mental health and substance use issues
  • Access Peer Support

We have created partnerships with local hospitals, emergency shelters, and other agencies to get people the help they need, and welcome referrals from hospitals, emergency shelters, shelters that support women who have experienced violence, domiciliary hostels, agencies providing crisis beds, and other community agencies.

If you have any questions or would like to refer a family member, friend, or yourself please do not hesitate to call our Central Intake Team at:

How do I join?

Our online forms are temporarily down.

Please call Central Intake at 1-866-345-0183, ext. 3321