Flexible Support Program

The model is simple – when you need a little more support, we can increase it & when your situation stabilizes, we can lower it – all within the same program. No more bouncing around to new teams and services.

Flexible supports program offers a mix of services to fit your needs:

Wellness Outreach Workers (WOW Team)

Supports for you whether you’re living in homes for special care, shelters, housing with supports and social housing. See the next page for a little bit more about the groups we support you with.

Intensive Case Management Program

One-to-one support to achieve your goals and assist with housing stability through York Support Services Network (YSSN).

Flexible Care Team

A multi-disciplinary team, including a psychiatrist, designed to fit your needs and support for up to 6 months.

Flexible Care Clinic

Provides access to primary health care including access to a Nurse or Nurse Practitioner and Psychiatry.

Please consider our eligibility criteria:

1. Over the age of 16.

2. Be precariously housed, or reside in one of the following: Homes with Supports, Homes for Special Care, Social Housing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team or to get started, register directly with Streamline Access.

How do I join?

Registration for this program can be completed directly with Streamline Access.