Newcomers’ Health and Well-Being

Are you a newcomer to Canada?
How are you feeling?

Nervous? Sad? Angry? Helpless?

Do you find it hard to sleep?

Do you find it hard to get things done?

Do you suffer because of things that happened in your past?

Has your mood changed?

We can help. We are a free service.

What We Offer:

Health care from a Nurse Practitioner; prescriptions filled

Health education

Support and counselling

Help with trauma from things that happened in the past

We offer group learning about issues like:

Family and caregiver concerns

Managing stress

Resolving conflict

Dealing with grief and loss

Our approach:

We focus on you as a whole person. That includes your language, culture, and community. We understand about trauma and bad memories. We help you to build on your strengths.

Funded by immigration, refugees and citizenship canada

How to get help:

To learn more contact:



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