Mental Health & Justice

The Mental Health and Justice Program is in place to support and provide advocacy to youth aged 12 to 17 who have a mental illness and are involved in the criminal justice system.

Dealing with both mental illness and the law are not easy issues. Our Mental Health and Justice Program is here to help youth aged 12 to 17 when their case involves mental health and the criminal justice system. Our court-based services (court support and diversion) are available at the Newmarket Provincial Court House, where you’ll find a designated youth worker, and the Bradford West Gwillimbury Court House.

What can this program offer you?

  • Court support for the youth involved and their family throughout the court process.
  • Consultation for community agencies and court staff on court matters and mental health issues.
  • Diversion – a pre-trial procedure, where Crown Attorneys in consultation with program staff, refer the accused youth to a community mental health service instead of proceeding with prosecution.
  • Case Management services to assist with implementation of diversion plans. Case Managers provide service co-ordination, advocacy, and work in partnership with clients to identify areas of strength and determine areas of need.

If you have any questions or would like to refer a family member, friend, or yourself, please do not hesitate to call:

How do I join?

Please call: 905-954-0314