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Tips for Coping with Anxiety During Unpredictable Times: An Interview

This morning Sarah Morgan-Ella, our Clinical Lead for the Southwest ACT Team, was interviewed by Jim Lang from 105.9 FM The Region about her tips for coping with anxiety during these unpredictable times. Here were her top tips:

Acknowledge your anxiety and show yourself compassion

It’s understandable that you’re feeling anxious during this time. Bring awareness to those emotions, show yourself compassion and share your thoughts with those you love and trust.

Watch where you’re getting your information

Even though it seems like we are being inundated with news and updates on COVID-19, make sure you refer to reliable sources such as the Government of Canadaa public health agency or the World Health Organization. Also make sure that you are limiting the time you watch the news or look at social media.

Practice Self-Care

Getting proper sleep, eating healthy food and exercising regularly are all parts of a healthy immune system.

Practice Mindfulness

Employ mindfulness strategies such as deep breathing and meditation. YouTube is filled with great videos that can help you with this.

Immerse yourself in nature

Go for a walk in nature to get out of the house, while still following social-distancing protocols.

Practice gratitude

When you are feeling anxious or have a negative thought come into your mind, try and counter that with a positive one. Use mantras or positive affirmations and tell someone you trust to remind you of this technique when you’re feeling anxious.

Listen to the whole interview here
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