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Why I’m in Motion: Monika

The staff here at CMHA York Region and South Simcoe believe in our mission and work so much, that many participate in Mental Health In Motion every year. Learn why Monika, from the People and Culture Team, is in motion this year.

What is your position at CMHA and how long have you been here?

I am a recruiter on ​the amazing People and Culture team (Human Resources). I have been working ​at CMHA-YRSS for a little over a year and a half.

Why are you participating in Mental Health in Motion?

I am participating in Mental Health in Motion, ​as it is a cause that is very near and dear to my heart. I learned about CMHA-YRSS during a time when I was experiencing my own mental health struggles. I would aimlessly search the internet for mental health resources and felt stuck until I came across the CMHA website. I was absolutely ​amazed with the idea of MOBYSS, as well as all the other programs and resources that CMHA had to offer youth within the community.  ​In fact, it was this initial introduction that propelled me to apply to be a member of the CMHA team.

From my very first day working at CMHA, it immediately felt like home, with everyone being very quick to welcome me into the CMHA family.  Stepping into the building felt like a great big warm hug and the opportunity to work at CMHA, lifted me out of a very dark place in my life. I am participating in Mental Health in Motion as a way to give back to the organization.

Why do you think as a staff member it’s important to participate in Mental Health in Motion?

I think it’s important to participate in Mental Health in Motion, because I know for myself and many other staff members that CMHA is more than just a workplace for us- it’s OUR home. By fundraising and advocating for our youth clients, we can continue to keep it running and the front door open for those in need in our community.

One thing I have learned from working here is that clients are always made to feel welcomed and supported. Mental Health in Motion helps to assure that there is always a seat at our table for youth in York Region and South Simcoe.

Haven’t signed up for Mental Health in Motion yet? Join us! Registration is completely free and will help us to raise critically needed funds for youth mental health services in our community. Access Registration Here.

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