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Wrap Up: 12 Days of Giving and Receiving

This year’s 12 Days of Giving and Receiving Campaign is not only our way of raising the funds necessary to ensure everyone in our community has access to the programs and services they need to achieve good mental health, but is also a way of giving back to those who support CMHA YRSS by providing helpful mental health tips and resources.

Here’s a quick wrap up of everything we’ve shared over the past 12 days. Check out our advent calendar HERE.

Day One

Day one fell on Giving Tuesday; where we sent a video of why you should give your way.

Overview of a woman sitting on a blanket with book in her hand and mug

Day Two

On day two of the giving and receiving campaign CMHA York and South Simcoe gave to you; self-care tips to help you the whole holiday through.

Quote about lindsay and Chris story on suicide

Day Three

On the third day of the giving and receiving campaign we asked you; to support MOBYSS and help the youth with what they’re going through. Check out this account of how a Peer Support Worker on the MOBYSS Team was able to virtually save a life, early on in the pandemic.

day 4 of 12 days of giving and receiving by CMHA - don't be afraid to ask for help

Day Four

On the fourth day of giving and receiving, we didn’t want you to be alone; don’t be afraid to pick up the phone! Learn more about our Supportive Telephone Counselling Line HERE.

Day 5 of 12 days of giving and receiving from CMHA
Lisa, CMHA YRSS counsellor, quote on 12 Days of Giving and Receiving

Day Five

On the 5th day of our holiday campaign, we asked you; for a donation of only $25 to support a call or two.

Clinical therapy services for COVID-19 Frontline Workers poster from CMHA

Day Six

On the 6th day of Giving and Receiving, we’re giving a shoutout to those on the frontline; while you’re helping others, make sure that you don’t let your mental health decline. Check out our Mental Health Tips for Frontline Workers.

Day Seven

On day 7 of the giving and receiving campaign, we wanted to let you know that many youth are not alright; however your donation can help them to see hope amongst their fright.

Stars and jingle bells strung together against a fence

Day Eight

Day 8 was here and we sent you some cheer, with ways to celebrate the holidays safely this year. Check out the tips here.

Poster of a quote from a client whose family is attending the Education and support program
poster of a quote from an Attendee speaking about the Family and Caregiver group at CMHA

Day Nine

On day nine we told you that mental health is a family affair and asked you to help support groups that provide caregivers and families with a place to share.

We also shared our Tips for Living With Someone With Mental Illness During Physical Distancing.

GIF of Carlton Banks dancing during holidays

Day Ten

Day 10 is here and it was music to your ears; with a Holiday Happiness Playlist to keep you dancing until the end of the year.

40% of Canadians said their mental health has deteriorated since the onset of the pandemic.
71% of Canadians are worried about the second wave of the pandemic
Poster of 48% of Canadians reported high levels of anxiety/worry as a result of COVID-19
1 in 10 Canadians have experienced recent thoughts or feeling or suicide

Day Eleven

The mental health of many of those across the community is extremely low; that’s why on Day 11 we hoped you’d let your kindness show.

Gratitude song is a collaboration of a group of CMHA community to the tune "my favourite things

Day Twelve

On Day number twelve, the campaign was through; check out this gratitude song and thanks so much to our community for all that you do.

There’s still time to donate to give the gift of mental health this season. CLICK HERE to donate today. Happy Holidays!

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