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Mental Health & Justice Youth Court (12 to 17)

Mental Health & Justice Youth Court (12 to 17)

This program provides assistance with developing bail plans and assisting youth in custody, and upon their release. The youth worker can also provide assistance to the youth and their families to navigate the court system and can provide support during court appearances. The youth court worker also liaises with Crown Attorneys and Duty/Defence Counsel, gathers and provides the necessary documentation, assists clients in developing treatment plans, including making appropriate referrals, and providing assistance to families/the public in obtaining a Form 2.

Who is This Program Intended For?

  • Those 12 to 17 years of age
  • A mental health diagnosis not required at the time of intake but mental health is suspected
  • Youth who have matters appearing in Newmarket Youth Court (and were 12 to 17 years of age at the time of offence)

Contact Us to Register for Support

Youth and other referral sources can contact a youth court case worker at 905.954.0314.

Alternatively, contact CMHA Central Intake to make a referral at 1.866.345.0183, ext. 3321

Referrals can come from any source. Common referral sources include: self-referrals or referrals from family, caregivers, police, Defence/Duty Counsel, the Crown Attorney, Judges/Justice of the Peace, Probation Officers, correctional staff, hospitals, community partners or other agency staff.

The Mental Health & Justice Youth Court Offers

  • In person/phone (or virtual) meetings with the youth court worker
  • Court support and bail support
  • One-time psychiatric consultations
  • Diversion – a pre-trial procedure, where Crown Attorneys in consultation with program staff, refer the accused youth to a community mental health service instead of proceeding with the prosecution
  • Case management services available. See Mental Health & Justice-Case Management Services.
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